Don’t Forget These Items

Avoid Delays, Be Prepared

Don’t Forget: Your Travel Documents & Passport, Passport Expiration must be 6 months beyond date of travel. Birth Certificates must be certified copies accompanied by a current photo ID.

Don’t Forget: To review, print and submit any travel document information at least 10 Days prior to travel. Improper or incomplete documents could cause costly Denial of Passage or delay of travel.

Don’t Forget: Pack according to Airline Regulations; Remember to have an allowable carry on with travel documents, one change of clothes and all needed medications.

Don’t Forget: Leave Emergency Contact and copy of all documents including passport with someone Stateside; if no one is available, leave it with us

Don’t Forget: When traveling with Minor Children- IF both legal guardians, parents or neither parent is traveling with them…escorts MUST have notarized “Minor Consent Form”, No Exceptions.

Don’t Forget: Cruise lines will NOT accept booked passengers greater than 26 Weeks Pregnant! If this condition exists or is a potential at time of booking, notify Change of Seaynery immediately for options.

Don’t Forget: As Your Travel Agent, we are here for you and are prepared to assist in any way as a dedicated Consumer Advocate; if any element of a vacation is breached and unfulfilled as contractually covered.