Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Resort is one of the most visited places annually in the world. Walt Disney’s dream was to create a place where families could be immersed in the magic and enjoy their experience. They are known for the iconic character Mickey Mouse as well as their OVER THE TOP customer service. 42 square miles 27 themed hotels, BUT the great thing is that you don’t have to stay at all of them on one trip. Walt Disney World Resort is the DREAM destination for children BUT there are plenty of adult activities located on this property as well. Walt Disney World is the one of the most exceptional destinations in the world offering four theme parks, 5 star chefs at fabulous signature restaurants and when the day ends the magic continues with Disney’s phenomenal night life.

Yes, Rob can put together your dream vacation to Walt Disney World Resort located in Orlando Florida whether you wish to have tours and concierge service at one of Disney’s Deluxe Resorts or if you choose to stay at a Moderate or Value Resorts. I will be pleased to sprinkle “pixie dust” on your trip as Rob plans a trip designed specially for you and your family.


Rob has assisted many couples over the past 6 years with their honeymoon planning to destinations around the world. Meeting and working with engaged clients to design their dream honeymoon is a special joy for Rob. With many romantic destinations around the world to choose from… tropical destinations including most of the Caribbean Islands, Bermuda, Hawaii and the South Pacific.
Or maybe you have Europe on your mind… There has been a growing demand from newlyweds to spend their honeymoons in Italy and some of those in very romantic settings such as Rome, Venice and the Lakes area in hotels or villas facing the lakes and mountains.
Be on the look out for our new” blog section” where we will be posting testimonials from those who have returned from their honeymoons and other trips.

All Inclusive

The All Inclusive is a fabulous way to travel for the traveler who want everything on one ticket. Listening to your wants and your budget the Caribbean or Mexico is not out of reach. Rob has the ability to match the right client with a resort or villa in their preferred destination and price range. Tropical destinations include most of the Caribbean Islands, Bermuda, Hawaii, and the South Pacific.