No Gimmicks/No Bait and Switch

Sometimes you may see a price that’s “just too good to be true”. Well, it probably is. Who hasn’t thought they found an AWESOME deal, merely to proceed to the check-out screen, and see the price skyrocket with taxes, fees, and additional charges. In addition, that “Super Saver” room you may be booking online via Expedia, etc.. is normally the least desirable room on the property. The newest, most updated, and renovated rooms are reserved for travel suppliers booked via Travel Agencies (like Change of Seaynery). Resorts have contracts guaranteeing a certain level of room when we book your vacation package with our trusted suppliers. What happens to those old rooms at the back of the resort, facing the parking lot? Yeah.. they get sold to Expedia and Travelocity. You won’t have to worry about what you are getting when we book your package. Pricing always includes taxes, and we only book with our reputable, tried and tested, suppliers.

Personalized Service

Why trust your vacation to a generic call center? What’s the difference between booking with an online travel company (Orbitz, Expedia, etc..) and Change of Seaynery? SERVICE! You will have ONE person to deal with. ONE person accountable for your vacation. ONE person to handle all the details, questions, and follow-up. Nothing is worse then booking a vacation and having added stress and hassles dealing with a nameless person in a call center who doesn’t know you, and isn’t familiar with your reservation. There’s no benefit to you, the customer, to pay the same price (or more) for generic impersonal service, when you can have one of our qualified and knowledgeable agents working for you personally.

Price Matching

Seen a better price online? Please give us the chance to meet or beat it! Simply forward your Change of Seaynery agent your price quote. We are able to match prices on *most other suppliers, such as: Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, etc.. So you win! You get the best price, PLUS the service of a travel professional. We realize everyone wants a the BEST PRICE for their vacation. And not only can we give you that, we can give you one point of contact for any questions, changes, suggestions, etc.. You are not alone when you book with Change of Seaynery.


Itinerary Planning Assistance

We’ve sent families from all over the U.S. and Canada to Disney, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe and beyond. In addition, our of travel specialist is an avid traveler who has visited most of these destinations with his own family. Our Disney Specialist is a graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge. Our agent is nothing short of Disney EXPERT who will treat your vacation as his own. Let us assist in your itinerary planning, and answer all your travel related questions. Why waste hours searching for answers online, when we’re just a phone call or email away.

Promotion / Discount Monitoring

When is the last time you had a travel agent call or email to let you know of a recently released promotion, and to inform you that they just saved you hundreds (and sometimes a thousand or more) on your vacation package? That doesn’t happen every day, but at Change of Seaynery, we are constantly monitoring our clients vacations, and all released travel promotions. If there is ever any promotion that becomes available, even after you have booked your vacation, we will be sure to apply it to your vacation. You will never miss out on any promotion or discount when booking with Change of Seaynery. We take our clients’ vacations seriously, and treat them as we would our own. No one wants to overpay, or miss out on a promotion. With Change of Seaynery you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your reservation is being monitored, and you will always be getting the best possible price available.